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Dimension problem when scaling


I am trying to dimension the distance of a cut out:



The dimension I wish to change is the .793.







I change it to 1.0, but this happens:




The line above it says it is "Not in Scale", what ever that means.

Why can I not change that dimension?




Re: Dimension problem when scaling


try to click the vector arrow on the dimension so that the anchor in the axis and the aarrow points to the cut depth... ?


if you want to share your part file we would be happy to take a closer look and advise...





Matt Johnson
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Betreff: Dimension problem when scaling

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi @alfred




as already mentioned by @MattJohnson_PG the best always would be to share the part, but as far as I can see on Your pictures, there is a small red cross on the left side of the cutout.


This is the symbol for a connected relation to - I suppose - the center, axis, sketch, etc. - and this will prebent You from any movement of that side face.

This assumption will be forced by the brown line what also indicates that You tried to change something what can't be changed


Try to delete that and I think everything will work fine.




Re: Dimension problem when scaling

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

@alfred  It appears you are using the Ordered environment.  As such, the Dimensions need to be "locked" to drive the geometry otherwise you just override the label hence the underline.  When you click your existing dimensions, notice the "unlocked" lock button on the dialog.  Click it to "locked".


When placing a new dimension, there is a lock on the Command Bar.  Make sure that is "locked" before placing the dimensions and then you will not have to lock them one by one.


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Testing: SE 2019