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Dimensioning a feature


Dear Experts,


I have difficulty understanding the difference between two methods of editing a feature dimension explained in a textbook. I have scanned and attached it to the message.


I tried both methods and I do not see much difference between the outcomes when I use Locked vs Unlocked options, except change of color from red to blue.

For example, I notice that dimensions can still be changed when I choose Unlocked option.


These two explained methods seem to be almost identical to me. Maybe I am missing a point. Can you please explain why this happens and the difference between the two?


One other issue that I have is that no matter I choose two-sided arrow or one-sided in the Dimension Value Edit Box,  the length changes two-sided. Is there any explanation for that?


Thank you very much for reading and responding.


Re: Dimensioning a feature


Locking the dimension makes it availabe for use in the variable tables. That way you can reference the "parameter" in other forumlas or variables. Locking also ensures that the value will not change when making other ST modifications. 

Re: Dimensioning a feature

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Both locked and unlocked dimensions can be edited directly.  A locked dimension will maintain its value when other changes are made to the model which could potentially affect the area where that dimension is applied.


Also, a dimension can change "two-sided" or symmetrically regardless if you select both arrows or one if the part is symmetric.  Live Rules is finding this symmetry and changing both sides to keep it symmetric.  If you turn Live Rules (or just the symmetry option) off, and you select just the one arrow, it will only change in that direction.

Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: Dimensioning a feature


Thank you very much Kevin and Ryan.