Disappearing parts

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have you noticed in SE ST9 the disapperaed parts in the assembly mode ?


When I want to activate the part it is disappearing...


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Re: Disappearing parts

I have not, but I would suspect graphics card/driver.  What graphics card do you have, and are you using an updated driver?


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Re: Disappearing parts

I would suspect the graphic card as well. I don't get that problem but what I do get is:


When the vid card is no longer able to clean up it's ram (I call it out of gas), then I can no longer select sketches for extruding or whatever. I can see it, but not select it. Very frustrating. Typically I have to reboot the computer every 3 hours to remove the problem. 


I use  K4200 Vid card.


In the reallly big picture. This is from Nvidia's drivers. Nvidia stole the good bits of code from 3Dlabs and have never implimented them 100%. Some version of drivers for each card have different problems then others.

Re: Disappearing parts

Thanks Dudes for very quick response,


I faced this issue after my SE ST9 crashed. I believe thi is not a graphics, but maybe I am wrong.


I am having N Quadro 4000 with the driver ver. ( driver date: 10/05/2016 ).







Production: SE ST9 MP8

Re: Disappearing parts

suspect the graphic card !! share the assembly if possible .... Forum guys can check it for U .. Smiley Wink

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Re: Disappearing parts

We are seeing the same thing.  Dell Precision's 71700 with Nvidia K4000 cards.  I doubt it's the cards seeing as this is ramdom.