Disappearing section view hatch lines.

I have a section view where the section hatch lines have vanished on some but not all of the parts.  This is with ST8 MP08.  I cannot for the life of me bring them back.  This ocurred after updating the view.  The parts are not hardware and in the view properties they are shown as being sectioned.  The only thing I can think of is that the section line spacing has changed some some huge value and therefore do not show.  It would also mean that they are no longer editable because they cannot be selected.  Anybody come across this?  I'll probably have to re-create the section view.


Re: Disappearing section view hatch lines.

It looks like the culprit is the defined view depth. When I clear it the hatch lines return. I am sure that this is a bug because it does not matter what value I enter or geometry I select the hatch lines don't come back until I clear the defined depth.

Re: Disappearing section view hatch lines.

I see this in ST7 also.

I thought I'd reported it, but can't find any record of doing so.

HP Z420 16GB RAM
Quadro K4000
ST7 MP10 on Windows 7 Pro 64.