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Display Document number



I keep the drawing number and file name seperate for the part / assembly files.

I was looking through the options / helpers and have seen that the document name formula can also have the document number.

I only issue the number when the document is released.

so thought the display would be helpful to see which items were released while working on the model


So i used [Document Number] - [Filename]

This, as expected gives me the drawing number and filename in the display.

And seems exactly what i was after,



While designing the part / assembly and the number is not completed the display shows :-

Document Number - test.par

I was hoping that the first bit would just be blank?

any ideas?


Even just a ? would be better than the whole Document Number text


Merry Christmas


Regards Kevin

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‎12-22-2016 08:33 AM

Betreff: Display Document number

Hi @kevin_parker



the only way I can imagine as a fast solution would be, that all Your documents have a dot "." in the Document Number field instead of nothing


You simply can put it into Your templates and so the text in Your pathfinder will be exactly as You want it.




Betreff: Display Document number

Thank you,


Adding it to the template works,


Have a Merry Christmas


Regards Kevin

Betreff: Display Document number




fine to be able helping, 
and due to the date I will give my best Christmas Greeting to all of You.


"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"


"It is great to be part of that community!"