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Display sketch in model view

I thought this would be very easy. Apperantly not. Searching the help give me way to many answers (you can image the # of results for --use sketch in draft--)


As a work around to two of my recent posts, I need to display a sketch in the draft file within the model view. How do I turn on a sketch within a drafting view?


In paticular, I have added a sketch with a single point to one of my model files, hoping to be able to pick that point when drafting.

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Display sketch in model view

Right click on drawing view, go to properties.  Go to the display tab, and at the top right of the Parts list window there are 4 icons.  Click the second from the right click list sketches. Go to your part or assebmly in Parts list window and show the pertinent sketch.


I hope this was what you were looking for.

Re: Display sketch in model view

That's it. Never had a reason to use it before.

Re: Display sketch in model view

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After I turned that point on, I find that I can't snap a dimension to a sketch point. The path of least resistance ended up being to draft within the model view and add a very very short line.


What funny to me is I was able to snap to the desired torus tangent using the draft within view, but not when adding a dimension.

Re: Display sketch in model view

Further....this is also the only way to display "Etching" [listed as Curve Body] in a draft view.


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