Displaying a thread in a draft file.

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     Is there a way to show the actual threads in the isometric view attached.


      I looked into the display properties but couldnt find anything.


      In NX i remember there was an option for detailed thread and symbolic thread.


     Do we have anything like that in solid edge?



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Re: Displaying a thread in a draft file.

Solid Edge just does symbolic threads, If you need the actual profile of threads you will need to cut them yourself.


I don't suggest real threads as even a simple thing like a bolt can make SE laggy,  pattern a few dozen in an assembly and even with a nvidia k4200 you will have noticeable chop when trying to do anything.


I made that mistake in my first project, now I only do real threads for custom cut stuff like power screw threads, trapazoidals and such.

Re: Displaying a thread in a draft file.

Thanks @nanan00 for sharing your experience and knowledge.


I don't want the thread in the actual part file i want it only to be displayed in the draft file.

Nx has that option of displaying threads in the draft file alone.

It gives a better representation of the manufacturing drawing.




Re: Displaying a thread in a draft file.

I assume you've modelled the hole as threaded (not cut the actual threads, but used the hole dialog to do a 'threaded hole'). If so, in the draft, turn on shaded for any particular view, and in the properties, ensure 'textures' is enabled on the 'shading and colour' tab.


If you want you can also show the cosmetic thread in the 3D model by using the 'View Overrides' and again turining on textures though I'd advise against this for performance reasons. Otherwise your threads should just appear by default as a different colour so you can identify them (usually green, defined in the 'color manager' dialog).


Re: Displaying a thread in a draft file.

This is a little bit challenge if you would like to show thread on isometric view. The "shaded with edges" could be a solution, but in this case all model will be shaded not only thread. There is a trick for this, you should be using transparency...


Other one is when using multibody modeling...


Here is a video about steps: