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Does Solid Edge work with BIM (building information management)?


I am a structural engineer & a new user of Solid Edge free 2D drafting. I
started to learn Solid Edge because I was hoping that it would be faster than
other alternatives. Whether that's true or not, the question of whether Solid
Edge will be compatible with programs used by other building designers is a
Building Information Management (BIM) is growing in popularity among building
designers, but I have not heard of its use with Solid Egde. My understanding
is that BIM makes it possible for various building designers (architects and
structural, HVAC, electrical & plumbing engineers) to build a comprehensive 3D
electronic model of a building. Interferences and other miscoordination
problems are thus avoided because pipes, beams, wires, etc. are all included
in a single model. Is there a way for Solid Edge (either free 2D or other
program)to be used with BIM? If so, how can that be accomplished?