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Download information

I have some problem with new version of SE Free2D ST2.
When I start Solid Edge, I get still information about download new Solid Edge 2D Drafting license.
You have 28 days remaning on your current free Solid Edege 2D drafting license...............

I have download new version and got e-mail, answer from Siemens. What is problem? What happen after 28 days?

Best Regards

Re: Download information

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer
Hi Willy,
You should have an opportunity to download a new license for the product. Being that you are running ST2, that license should expire every two years. Downloading the product will not fix the problem. You would need to remove the exisitng and reinstall it from the new download and even that may have the older license in it anyway. I am fillinf in for the guy who normally responds to these questions, so he may be able to answer this better than me when he returns next week.