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Download server of ST8 student editons is extremaly slow


What is going on with ST8 Student Edition download server? Despite my 50Mbps connection, ST8 install package initial download speed is 350 kbps and then it slows down linearly, and in some point download fails, causing error. Is there any mirror for ST8 installation? Or can I download trial, and enter student's licence number?


Re: Download server of ST8 student editons is extremaly slow

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @Arct,



Just a might consider, depending on where you are physically located, is contacting a local Solid Edge reseller [even another user], and asking for a copy of the installation file on a flash drive, or it is only the license file that is unique, and activates it as the Student Edition.



FYI: my connection speed floats between 500~700KB/sec [not even kidding] and it sticks with it until completion just fine....are you using a download manager? [highly recommended]



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