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Draft 2D weld


Dear Solid edge Friends,


Currently I have a new job where i'm using Solid Edge. At this company they don't draw welds in the 3d models yet. For now all welds are manually added to a draft by drawing a triangle and then filling it with a black color.


Now i'm certain (I used to have a command in autocad for 2d welds) there would be a way to draw welds automatically. So what i'm looking for is a sort of block or macro that if i click it a black triangle appears on my screen then I click on a place in my drawing to place the weld. After I clicked I would have to lock the weld in the right direction at one of the base lines of the plates. It would even be amazing if it could be possible to scale the weld to certain sizes or perhaps choose some standard sizes.


I don't know how to write macro's in Solid Edge but I do have some basic skills for creating Excel macro's.


Is there anyone that can help me getting started or point me in the right direction?


Kind regards,




Re: Draft 2D weld

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi Mark,


Do you really have to do it that way....?

Surely you could just use the built-in weld symbol function, from the annotation section on the home tab. [ribbon bar has scale & orientation handlers]



Sean Cresswell
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