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Draft Author empty in ST7MP11

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We just performed an upgrade across the company to go from ST6 to ST7.  We did quite a bit of testing before we went live with it, but never noticed this bug.  When a user creates a part or assembly, their Windows username gets populated into the Author field of the document.  This is what we would expect.  But when they create a draft document, nothing gets populated into the Author field, so the document just says "Error: No reference" in the title block.  Most of them leave the username as it is, but now they have to go into the file property and type it in on each draft.  What's going on?  Why was this functionalty removed?  Is there some setting somewhere that would allow us to turn it back on?


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‎02-23-2016 07:55 AM

Re: Draft Author empty in ST7MP11

FYI to all,

Did some experimentation and found that if I populate the field in the template, Solid Edge will update the property, when the user creates a new draft from it.