Draft Peers Variable

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering, is there a way to do peers variable in draft environtment?

To make it clear, my goal in this example is how to automaticaly generate the total price in 

"TOTAL LENGTH" table. just the same thing as "Frame List" table on coloumn "Frame Price".

This should be easy if i can find a way how to put the total length value in variable, so i can make formula. does "peers variable" will help this ?



Any comments and advises will be very much appreciated.


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Re: Draft Peers Variable

Is there any reason why you can't add some pricing variables in the assembly? I'm not too familiar with the frame environment, but I've done this with other similar examples.

Re: Draft Peers Variable

Hi jramsey,

Those frame design is actualy just an example of the target that i would like to achieve.

the goal is how to show the price/cost needed for the project/assembly that we are doing.


pricing variable? would you mind to explain me any more details about that?

do you mind we are creating separate variable in assembly variable?

do you mind to share with me short example?


Thank you very much for your prompt feedback, really appreciate it



Thanks & rgdrs

Re: Draft Peers Variable

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Could you create a variable called price or whatever, set it equal to, for example, $1 per mm, then create another variable that calculates the product of price and length?

Of just create a single variable that equals cost per unit length X total length and make a column in the BOM with that variable?

I'm not familiar with the frame environment either so I don't know how total length is calculated.

Bruce Shand
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Re: Draft Peers Variable

bshand has it right....just haven't had time to post. The only problem is getting it in a table, it will have to be a parts list...since SE does not allow you to state variables in a table.

Re: Draft Peers Variable

This one should be stright forward.


Look at the variables in the assembly file where you made the frame. Name the variables for easier tracking, and add them together into a new variable. Right now they wil have names like V234, V890 etc.....


Then link the new sum to the draft environment for display.