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Re: Draft - Quantity


This is basically the same issue I ran into a few months ago on my first project. We have historically called out the item quantity on the drawings, specifically the "Burnout" drawings where every item is cut to shape, it could be one item it could be 50. The shop only knows how many because the document says so, they never see the bill of materials or the fabrication or assembly drawings as those are different departments.


I want the ability to say I want n number of items per how many is used in xyz.asm file.  How I did it for the first job was to make a dft and dump the major assembly into it and then make a parts list with atomic turned on and just manually update the item counts manually on the burnouts per that parts list. No it was not fun updating 300 items that way.

Re: Draft - Quantity




Like Wolfgang already said this is a never ending story.


I only want to know how to bring the values from the occ. prop table over to the part drawing.

And that's not possible I believe.


Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge ST6 user !!!!

Re: Draft - Quantity

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there are ways to solve that task.


  • If You are using ST7 or ST8, than You can use the BOM of subassemblies and parts in draft.
    Create Your master bom of the top ASM and from there another view of the single part or sub ASM. Then all informations coming from the top asm can be used and written onto the draft
  • Since this - and sorryx to say, incorrect approach - is very old and was seen several times, 
    I have written macors to store the number of quantity from a ASm back to a single part.
    But, consider, the part will be used in different asssemblies. What then?
    The current property of "used quantity" only is correct for that certain top ASM.
    So, therefore, You have to run the macro again and again from every ASM where this part will bes used. And only in that moment the poroperty is correct.
    That means, that from the live cycle point of view You have to revise this draft and part every time, or You have to print out this draft in conjunction to a special time and date
    What I know anbd what I have seen is, that very soon huge problems and mistakes come up.
  • Last method we use is, to transfer the resource planning issue of that (number of parts which have to been prduced for a certain project, task or ASM) to that area which really is responsible therfore. To ERP, and resource planning.
    Problem what was coming up, was, how handle with these draft document.
    Shall we revise it every time, only for a change in project planning and resource plans?
    No, a manufactoring drawing contains the information to produce one single item of that part. Nothing more! 
    So what we have done, is, to put a place holder on the draft e.g. "Quantity for production: %{quantity needed}" where the info should be on the drawing.
    And using macros or PDM system we have, we create commission documents (PDF) automatically form that. That means, ERP/PDM knows the needed quantity for a certain commission and how often the top ASM must be produced, and put the number instead of the place holder into the drawaing, generates a PDF with the commission number and quantity therefore and closes the draft without saving and we no changes.
    So the draftcould be released as it was, must not be revised and we get the commision info too.