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I'm looking for a method of creating a draft part template. So this is a 2D drawing created in .dft file, which has a number of 'variable dimensions' driven from a table.


I basically want to create a family of parts like you can do with a 3D modelled part, but a family of draft parts. Is such a thing possible?




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As far as I know tables and dims in dft are dumb things that are incapable of passing information. You can't even display variables in tables such as ${author} in a single field box and they have zero capability of doing operations such as 1+2 = 3.

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Variables can be displayed in draft. But there are some limitations. Look at the annotation command.


1. All tables use row or columns organized information. No method of placing a variable into a specific cell.

2. No string math available.

3. Formatting of variable display is limited.

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I'm confused. I use a formula in my drawing template. It's rather simple, I't simply scaling a bitmap image to the proper size, formula reads 1.25*1, merely so the value box is greyed out, but it is there. Plus I past a variable into the formula field for "use_x_var" and "use_y_var" to display my cut sizes. Are you guys saying that even in draw in view, the variable table is not able to perform mathmatical functions at all?

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The variable table can be used for all kinds of math. Displaying the results is restricted to display of annotation or as part of a built in table by column per part (parts list).