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Draft questions



I'm using Solid Edge ST4
I have a few questions about the draft environment.

I have an assembly with threaded bolts, I make a drawing of the assembly and I make broken out cuts of the threaded bolts, then SE cuts the bolts and the surrounding material.
I don't want that the bolts are cut, so i uncheck the bolt's "section" box from the properties, but SE keeps the fill until the end of the thread, (now the question):

How can i tell SE not to cut the thread ?

What I did to fix the problem previously was, I went to "Draw in view" and deleted the fill from the thread (this also deleted the fill form the surrounding part) then I reapplied the fill to the surrounding part.
Now the fill was created until the perimeter of the bolt, but not until the bottom of the thread, like previously.
So I had a nice clean thread.

If anybody knows how to set this up from the properties I would appreciate it a lot.


How can I change the width of the line of some parts in the assembly in the draft environment?
For example i want to show some parts of my assembly with thinner lines, because they don't belong in the construction of the assembly (they are there just to clarify the work principle of the assembly).
Like the strip of metal in a die set assembly.

Looking forward to your replies.

All the best


Re: Draft questions

Siemens Master Siemens Master
Siemens Master
I don't have the exact commands right in front of me now. Hopefully you can find them with some hints...
On your first issue, you want to make sure the bolt is defined as "hardware". If it is, you can then specify that all hardware is to not be cut. If you are using bolts from the Standard Parts Library delivered with Solid Edge, they will already be marked as hardware. If not, you can go into the part properties and mark it as hardware and save the part file. Then, I think most standards in Draft will not cut it.
For your second issue, I think you want to define these as "Reference Parts". As I recall this is done in the Properties for the drawing view. Select the part and toggle it to be a Reference Part. Then it will automatically show up in a ghost style. It actually processes reference parts differently from regular parts and will give a much more correct display than just trying to override their linestyle.