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Draft views not appearing


One of my users has an issue where the drawing views don't appear in the draft - there's a broken line box around the view instead. In the drawing view properties there is a red exclaimation mark beside the part file.


The drawing is linked to the correct file and it is available - in fact you can still double click the view and it will open the correct part so I don't understand where it's going wrong.


Anyone have any ideas?

[SE ST7, screen shots attached]


Re: Draft views not appearing


Does the file contain a solid body?  It's not a surface or somether than a solid body, correct?


If you want to share the file I could take a look at it.  I have some thoughts I could check.

Brian Fritz
Solid Edge Certified Professional
ST10 latest MP

Re: Draft views not appearing

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Solution Partner Phenom

Check the model for errors with Geometry Inspector.