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I am trying to get a handle on sketching. Attached are two videos showing things that I'm struggling with. 


In this one I'm trying to dimension and center the sketch. I know I can change these things when it's 3d, but I like to center it in sketch in case I want to mirror it around a plane or whatever. You can see I'm trying to dimension the line, but I can't change it, the dimension reading changes but the dimension itself doesn't, can someone explain the logic in this?

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In this one I'm trying to move the lines manually, as you can see they keep separating, even when I connect them. Am I doing something wrong here?

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Re: Drawing Basics

When you are in the sketch environment turn on the Maintain Relationships and the Relationship Handles in the Relate group of the Ribbon Bar.

Re: Drawing Basics

In the upper right corner of the Relate section of your ribbon bar are the buttons Maintain Relationships and Show Relationships.  Both are turned off.  Turn them both on and then redraw the same sketch below the one you already have and note the differences... That would be why your sketch is not behaving like you want.


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Re: Drawing Basics

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Great, thank you, forgot I turned that off when I was having trouble with not being able to move points. 


Got it centered, definitely not a user friendly interface but got it done.