Drawing View Boundary Creation

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The attached macro creates just the outline or silhoutte edge boundary from any Drawing View - Part, Assembly or Sheetmetal.




There are some rules and steps before using this macro:


1. Place the drawing view, preferably at a scale of 1:1, though not absolutely necessary.

2. Right click the view and 'Convert to 2D View'.

3. Right-click the view again and 'Draw in View'.

4. In the 'Draw in View' mode, draw a rectangle enclosing the view.

5. Hatch the space between the view and the rectangle.

6. SELECT the hatch fill.

7. Run the macro with the hatch fill selected.

8. Outline of the drawing view will be created at the "origin" of "Sheet 1", irrespective of the sheet of the original view.


The macro creates a boundary which is 90% correct and little more trimming of extra edges may be required. This is because the hatch fill touches outer edges of view that also extend inside the view.


The video below illustrates the process:



The macro is attached at the end of this post.

All requests and suggestions to improve or modify the workflow or outcome of the macro are welcome.





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Cool! Thnx for it!




Re: Drawing View Boundary Creation

Nifty, basically bpoly from autocad.

Re: Drawing View Boundary Creation

The Inspect - Evaluate - Area command in Solid Edge also comes close to what ACAD does except it creates the fill but jettisons the boundary.


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I am interested in this, but seem to be getting stuck on creating the fill.  I keep getting an error message that reads: The fill operation was not successful. The geometry must form a closed area and be completely within the graphic window.  Also, limiting the number of geometry elements in the view by zooming in around the area to be filled will increase success.


So far, I have tried to do this on a hydraulic cylinder, and a weldment of about 20 parts.  Changing the fill spacing allowed the fill to work on the cylinder, but one of the components was crosshatched. Any suggestions on how to make sure the fill works correctly?



Re: Drawing View Boundary Creation

Re: Drawing View Boundary Creation

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I had this macro lying with me for several years but was hesitating to publish it for the fear of a serious user - like you, Jason - giving it a shot and eventually running into problems like the fill command simply giving up. This automatically puts a question mark on my humble macro - though I understand you did not meant to - which comes into action only after the fill is in place.


Recently some time Solid Edge started supporting the Esc key which will at least allow canceling out the hatch fill if it takes too long.


But changing the spacing to make the hatch/fill work is a nice trick, I am going to try it out first thing tomorrow.


I also don't understand if the Inspect - Area-  Evaluate command works very well, the fill does not. Why ?



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Tushar I am glad that you posted this, and don't mean to imply the macro doesn't work as intended.

I have spent some time editing the views prior to creating the fill, and after getting a good fill, the macro works very well. From what I have seen so far, the fill tool stumbles on intersections where there may be multiple intersecting edges. Trimming out some of the edges internal to the view, and trimming corners of outline elements seems to allow a good fill.

So far, the macro gets you more than 90% of the way to a view profile. The cleanup done before filling around the view probably helps reduce cleanup after using the macro. I would suggest turning off hidden lines, center lines, and any other edges that aren't part of the desired profile before converting to 2D view. For views of larger assemblies it would probably be a good idea to create a display configuration that only shows parts that are part of the outer profile, and then use that display configuration to start your drawing view.

One thing I haven't tried yet is turning on the Process Intersections option.


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Jason, your tip about increasing the spacing for a successful fill is working.


In spite of all clean up on a drawing view, some times the view itself is all wrongly created. I noticed wide open gaps in drawing views in a simple 10 parts sample assembly that comes with Solid Edge. No amount of clean up or anything else is going to fill in here: