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Drawing questions


I have run into a couple issues while setting up a paper drawing. I have attached a picture with the issues highlighted and numbered as follows:


1. The BOM box outline's thickness. I would like to thin this line up, and I can't find the setting that is controlling this. Is this adjustable? 


2. Detail envelope arrowhead size. Mine are huge in standard form, and I can't find the dimension that controls this. I have found the menus that control everything else for thhid Detail envelope, like line thickness, color, and standard type. 


3. The BOM bubble style. I would like to change the bubbles to show only the item number, and I don't know how to change it. Under the BOM table properties box -> and under the bubble tab, all my menu opitions are greyed out, so I can't edit anything. 


4. Lastly, I can't seem to find the menu that controls my drawing view's line weight (or thickness). I have looked, but no sucess. 


Im sure im just overlooking these options or menus. Any and all help is appreciated. 


Re: Drawing questions

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

In the Dimensions group on the ribbon look for the Styles button.

Line styles, table styles etc...

Make this change in your template for future drawings.


Balloon shape and other settings need to be set before you place the parts list.

Set it once and save a custom setting name for the future.


After the fact you could use Smart Select to select your balloons and change properties.


Re: Drawing questions


Thanks, I hadn't found all the sub-menus in the styles box yet. 

Re: Drawing questions

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