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Drawing table formatting


I'm attempting to help out our Project Estimating group that uses 2D tools for identifying where and what products a contractor needs to order. I'm using a table on the drawing sheet. I thought I had everything setup correctly. Now, I noticed that when I add additional rows that all my data is being shuffled around and then moved to the middle of the table with empty rows on top and bottom.


This table is a table of contents for a large multi-sheet package (usually around 15-20 pages- larges was 65 pages).

I found the sort tab for the table. But I don't see a way to shut off sorting all together! I need the ability to add new pages without everything shuffling around on me. It's very annoying.


Re: Drawing table formatting

OK. I actually used the help documentation and it said to:
Do not sort
Sorting affects the order that data is displayed in the table. You can remove all sorting by selecting a blank from the Sort by list.

I guess I didn't realize that listing actually had an empty space at the bottom of the sorting pull-down. If we want to look at UI discoverability issues..well, this is a fail. I would like to see a field that says <none> and not an ambiguous empty row at the bottom of the listing of columns that looks like "padding".