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Drawing to scale other than 1:1


I'm trying to make a part drawing to a scale other than 1:1. Something smaller
would be great, as I will just be printing it on 8.5" x 11" paper. (The part has
an OD of 12") I've tried the scale in the 2D model view, as it mentions on this
group, and when i transfer it onto the worksheet, it's back to 1:1. I need to scale
this down at least 1/2, but I want the autodimension to read the real dimensions
not 1/2. If anyone can help me out, that would be great... or maybe I'll just need
to find a printer that can print a 1:1 scale drawing of a Caterpillar 797! LOL
Also is there anyway to set Imperial as the default setting for dimensions,
because right now i have to change mm to inches in about four different places each
time i start a drawing, even though i click "save defaults".



Re: Drawing to scale other than 1:1

What do you have your sheet size set to on the working sheet (Sheet1)? Is it
8.5 X 11"? You may be getting confused with design scale and printing scale.
The best way to eliminate printing scale is to set the sheet size to the
paper size you are printing to.
When creating a 2D Model view on Sheet 1, the 2D Model view scale will be
set depending on the size of the geometry (1:1 scale in 2D Model) you select
for the view and the sheet size (Sheet 1) you are placing the 2D Model view
on. If the geometry selected for the 2D Model view is larger than the sheet
then the view will be scaled down to fit on the sheet. You also can see and
change the scale of the view after placement. Click on the 2D Model view. In
the properties ribbon bar there is a Scale. Change this scale to 1:2. the 2D
Model view will be 1/2 scale. If you dimension the geometry of the view from
Sheet 1 the dimensions will display the correct 1:1 scale values not 1/2
Rick B.