Drawing view depth

I use drawing view depth quite a lot in setting drawings views on complex sections, mostly for clarity for showing only the details needed. I have been setting the view depth by guestimating then updating the view until it looks correct. There doesn't appear to be any defined logic behind the amounts entered in the depth and what is displayed, just have to keep at it until it looks right. Maybe I'm missing something here, is there a way to measure the required depth then enter it it in the view depth box ? Thanks in advance


Re: Drawing view depth

If you have your front view of a model in your drawing and you would like to use drawing view depth, you could creat a Top View that you could positionned outside of the drawing and during using drawing view depth you will see a horizontal line -in this case because of using a Top View Model-. You could use snap points to position this Line to better position the view depth. You shoud know exactelly the appropriate distance for the best view.



Re: Drawing view depth

Hi there, thank you very much for this tip, I will try this out and hopefully get what I am looking for Smiley Very Happy