Drawing view only displaying tube centrelines.

Hi there, I have an issue with drawing views <u>only</u> displaying tube centrelines. I want the view to display the visible lines as normal for a workshop drawing. I would be grateful for some insights here. I’ve toggled most of what I can see in SE Options&gt;Annotations, Options&gt;Edge Display and Drawing view properties. I have had issued with this model, i.e. parts disappearing in configuration views, requesting updates to rebuild when all levels below are up to date, so I rebuilt at top level to test without configurations. Component tracker gives me not errors or updates yet the drawing views still only display the tube centrelines! Program and Specs, drawing view properties and view result are attached. Thanks.


Betreff: Drawing view only displaying tube centrelines.

Hi @Cam2



the ASM itself would be great to have available ehre.


As seen in the preview of the view option it seems as there is more than only a tube.


So it might help to know how You have modeld it, and what else is there.

Maybe there is a collision within those parts what will SE let producing wrong view display.


Can You zip the complete ASM with parts t(PackandGo) and upload it here? 


Betreff: Drawing view only displaying tube centrelines.

Hi Hawcad, I found that the updates were related to mirrored components that had assembly features on them that would continually called out to be updated or would not update at all. I deleted the features and the issue was resolved in the drawing as well. Thanks for your reply.