Drive letter vs. UNC

Hi Edgers,

I have got a question concerning "How SE is defining its reltions within an assembly saved on a network drive?"


A customer claims, that on some computers internal in SE the links are saved with UNC tpye where on other machines similar assemblies are using drive letter naming - which for him would be preferred.


Has anybody any idea, whereon it depends how SE is buiolding its assembly strucutre and saving the file locations on a network.



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Re: Drive letter vs. UNC

I believe all links to a mapped shared drive are stored as UNC.  This is more robust as drive letters can change especially between different users, but the UNC path is a constant.


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Re: Drive letter vs. UNC

Hi Ken,

Yes, as far as I have seen with mostly all ASMs from ST7, opend with RM, there is the UNC used for all network connections.


But if You remember or somebody is running an older version of SE, there were drive letters mapped and used in RM and ASM.


There is one reason for my customer, that they want to have drive letters for all connections, since so they can either have a network connection or a local disk drive with the same name space.

Therefore they can take a complete structure tree with tem at there notebook, without the need for a RM copy.


Maybe somebody can answer, wether this is soemthing what has changed with ST6 or ST7
or wether thre is an option or a setting to define how this will work.


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Re: Drive letter vs. UNC

Hi,  I know this is not an Insight forum, but if you use the document managment part of Solid Edge (not Sharepoint, but Insight that comes with Edge),  They made a change in ST7 to use UNC in place of drive letters in the managed enviroment.  I do not know if this would change anything in an un-manged system as you move from older versions to ST7.


Re: Drive letter vs. UNC

Hi Wolfgang,

the drive letter is just a shortcut for the network share (\\server\share\...).

A Solid Edge assembly interally stores the links to the part as UNC Path. This is done since version 1.


If the user has a drive letter defined for this path, then this Path is also saved.

What the user sees in the program window depends on the software implementation. In the API of the revision manager a program can get both path versions.


If the assembly is opened on an other computer or just with an other login on the same computer without this network drive letter, the all parts will load from the network share without problems.

If you look at the link paths (revision manager) now, you will see the UNC path to the network share.


You can use both possibilities, but the file is always stored on the storage media in the network an not on the local computer. If you disconnect, the files will not be available.






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