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Duplicate Component

Just used Duplicate Component for the 1st time...




an hours worth of placing redundant components done in 40 seconds!!!


Thanks to the SE Team for this incredible gem!




Re: Duplicate Component

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi Matt,


Glad you like this one. For some assembly scenarios this one can be hugely productive.


I'd encourage everyone to give it a try.

- Open an ASM with the same component placed in multiple locations.

  They can be at any orienation or position. (Not patterned)
- Place a new component on one these components. Let's say a bolt.

- Duplicate this component to all other locations.


This is one of my favorites for ST7.





Re: Duplicate Component

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I used that tool recently and it saved a lot of time!  I have 12 plastic rub strips in different locations on an aluminum frame.  Each strip has 3 holes.  I placed screws in one strip then used the duplicate part to put screws in the other 11 and it worked like magic!



Kyle Joiner
ST10 MP1

Re: Duplicate Component

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Thanks for sharing & reminding me that this existed Matt......I recall seeing a video of this being used somewhere along the way, but have not recalled it, until now.


I know both Pat & I will be raising a frothy beverage over this gem after work, having put this to use today!

Thanks to SE developement team.  Robot Very Happy

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge ST10 [MP8] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: Duplicate Component

Good morning everyone,


For me Duplicate Component is the single biggest improvement in ST7. For designs that look like the image below this is an awesome tool. I can not imagine doing machine design without it.


Kind regards,




Kind regards,
Theodore Turner

Re: Duplicate Component

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

Nice piece of ag equipment. Smiley Happy


Re: Duplicate Component

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

The whole pattern group is a very big time save,have used along curve many times,and always works without fault.