Dynamic or Adjustable blocks in Draft?

Hello all,


I'm looking for a workaround for the issue I posted earlier:


The idea I have would work, but I'm beginning to think it’s not possible. Is there any way to make blocks in solid edge adjustable (by use of "handles," not numerical inputs) or, upon insert, rotate and scale the block?


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Re: Dynamic or Adjustable blocks in Draft?

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Hi, Solid Edge does not appear to support blocks with drag handles as of ST6 but you can scale and rotate the block dynamically (i.e. without numerical values, as you mentioned) after the block is inserted.




Re: Dynamic or Adjustable blocks in Draft?

This is the kind of block that will always need to be scaled, and most often rotated. For that reason, I want to find a way that these commands initiate after insertion... is the best way to do this write a macro? - which then I wonder if I could make it such that it replaces a line with the block, scaled and rotated to fit...