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ER Cleanup part and Freeze/Thaw


ER Cleanup part and Freeze/Thaw

We use a lot of parts that are created in the past from V12 up to ST9 and one of the things that I often do is to “clean up” the part..

Two methods used, just a move to synchronous action, remove the “user defined sets, Used sketches and Live Sections.

In the attached example the file size goes from;

- 410KB original

- 392KB converted

- 337KB converted and cleaned up

But I also use a second method and that is to insert the part into an ordered or synchronous part, this will reduce the size even more

- 248KB inserted into ordered part

- 241KB inserted into an synchronous part.

Parts-cleanup.jpgCleanup parts

The second method is my desired method since you end up with a clean (2016) part and the file size is smaller.

If I want to manipulate the part in assemblies I insert into an ordered part an leave it ordered, If I want to manipulate it I insert it into an Synchronous part and use it to develop new stuff.

Since al the face have the same internal name / reference this new part can be replaced in older assemblies without problems with relations.


It would be nice to have a button to do all that in one step, insert part copy into synchronous  and copy also all the properties and save + overwrite old part.

It would also be very nice to have a “freeze” button in synchronous models, one of the biggest  fears of new users or  older ordered users  is that someone touches a face and moves a face.


Other users out there that would love to have this Cleanup part and freeze/thaw button ?


If yes I will try to open an ER for this functionality.


Kind regards



Jan Bos


Re: ER Cleanup part and Freeze/Thaw

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Would be great. I have one twist on the issue. I work 100% in ordered because sheet metal is 80% of my work. For my case, I would want the cleaned up version to be ordered. Or is there no sutch thing and a cleaned up ordered model?