ER1693067 - closed as implemented in ST6 but it's not true.



What I'm missing this time ?


ER text:

Customer is requesting that a "hexagon" shape be made available within the Hole command.  This is common for them, because they place inserts in them.

I'm posting this to talk about a big miss in solid edge sheetmetal. Our 
production is based mostly on sheetmetal parts, we cut and we bend it. As 
everybody works with this kind of parts knows it is not possible to add a 
thread with tools, the laser cut is traight on its way. The standard in fact 
is to cut an exagonal hole in the plate and then add a an exagonal threaded 
Here the link to a big manufacturer where you can see also the installation process.
How do you do this in SE ?
Why not add the hexagonal hole in the "hole" tool ? An we want it with the 
axis shown so u can quick costrain on it.


Why I feel they have closed my ER just by adding hexagonal tool in sketch ?

Is this the way the ER are handled by the developer team ? 


Re: ER1693067 - closed as implemented in ST6 but it's not true.

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I believe what happens is that they get hundreds/thousands of different ER's asking for things that are similar but not exactly the same and then they produce a new or modified feature that aims to provide functionality that comes close to resolving all of them.  Sometimes the "filter" used by the product managers is a bit to broad and the fact that you were asking for it to be IN the Hole command was lost/missed or otherwise did not fit into the mission of the Hole command and so was lumped in on the polygon sketch feature.


Maybe one of the Siemens folks can lend some explanation...



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