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ER1939124 & ER1939118 - PMI Views


Good day everyone, with this topic I would like to see if we are the only one with this reqeust. Also if possible I would like to gather as much support from the community as I can get ofcource. This case is 1 out of 2 of our biggest wishes in our wishlist in Solid Edge.

 1 Gpi logo.png


Company: GPI




Windows 10 Professional

Solid EdgeST8 – MP12


Solid Edge seats:

GPI – Division Netherlands:  11 Seats.

GPI – Division Poland:  5 Seats.


Our product contains an 100% custom made dynamic environment in Solid Edge.


2 Gpi uitleg.PNG

Problem case

PMI views are to static, it’s nothing more than a picture of the current view. What we would like to see is that the PMI View is able to follow a plane/coordinate system.


This function will be an enormous step for our automation  of Solid Edge in the design of 3D and 2D. This will also be our first step into a paperless (no more draft) work method.



  • Add “Plane step” into PMI views just like we can in Sketch / Cutout.
  • Add API functions for PMI views.


We generate our tanks with nozzles (connections) with our own program. Because of our dynamic product we rotate, move & change them a lot.



Each nozzle has already have a start coordinate system (Where it is placed on shell) and an end coordinate system (Where the pipe / flange ends).



Current work method for making drafts:

  • Mother view has a pre-determined amount of sections.
  • Detail is already created and turned in right position.
  • Center line is already placed on the start/end coordinate system.
  • Height dimension needs to be added manual.
  • Diameter dimensions needs to be added manual.
  • Length dimension needs to be added manual.


Future work method:

  • Section is created on coordinate system with API.
  • Height dimension is created with API.
  • Diameter dimensions is created with API.
  • Length dimension is created with API.
  • PMI view is created with API.

Detail is created on draft with view wizard with option “Include PMI dimensions from model views”



This example is from our core product we could also use it for other products.

  • Cage ladder: It bends around our tanks based on the tank diameter. In this case base planes always turn and views/details always change/break.
  • Flanges: A section detail always break because of each flange has a different amount of holes. In this case you can ignore it with placing the PMI view on the position of the base hole coordinate system.


I have tested it in ST10, and because of that I now would like some opinions from the community.

The Netherlands