ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing



Whenever I'm trying to open View and markup, it gives a error saying that  "msvcp110.dll is either not designated to run on windows or it contails error". How can I fix this error?? 


Using the same SE Setup file I installed in other system. It is working Fine.






Betreff: ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing




have You instslled s service packs.


Think this wss a problem with ST8 without MP1


Betreff: ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing

Yes. I've installed MP1. 

Betreff: ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing

This is a Microsoft Windows file/issue and is *not* a Solid Edge issue. The issue is exactly as it states in the error message.


If you google the error message you are receiving you will find plenty of other software programs that report this same issue and all have the same end result -- the msvcp110.dll is corrupt.


Several ways to try to resolve this.


1 - Quickest but dirtiest:
From another comparable workstation (same OS, service pack, etc.) copy the "system32\msvcp110.dll" and replace the corrupt version on your system. Do *NOT* download the .dll file from the internet -- only use a copy of the .dll from a system you trust.


2 - Most probably the fix:
Uninstall the Visual C++ 2012 runtime redistributables libraries. Search the drive for any remaining copies of msvcp110.dll and delete them. Download and reinstall the Visual C++ 2012 runtime redistributables.


3 - Longest and least ideal (if you get to this point consider rebuilding your workstation -- I would):
Run the System File Checker For more on SFC see

Re: ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing

I tried to fix it in few ways, when i faced this error and i recommend you two of them. You can reinstall microsoft C++ redistructable from official website. It works well when you have few errors. You could also download strictly this file from or similar website and add it to your system folder. 

Re: ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing

I would advise caution when downloading single .dll files from non-official websites -- this is a perfect opportunity for non-scrupulous types to insert nefarious code into the provided .dll files.

Re: ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing

Is anti-virus could catch it?

Re: ERROR... msvcp110.dll is missing

Not 100% sure but your AV might not help as it may just be a recognised system file.

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