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Edit 'User Color' list

Hello again, today I'm getting a lot of knowledge from here...


This question is simple. Whenever I must choose a color, for example defining the color of a line or any element in a draft or part, or when defining styles, I get a list of available colors, along with the option of defining a new one from RGB values.




Whenever you define a new color with its RGB values, it's added to the list, named 'User Color #*' as the image shows.


Is there a way of editing (adding/removing) those User Colors? I know how to deal with different element's colors by means of styles, but having a defined palette here is quite useful, mostly for drafting and doing fast color changes.


I use it most when doing simple sketches prior to detail design, in 2D draft environment, asigning different colors to different drawing objects without having to change their style, so avoiding having a bunch of styles, each for a different color. In this workflow, having a tuned color selection palette is quiete useful and helps maintaining a certain order in the drawings, which can reach a certain amount of complexity.


Any clues?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Edit 'User Color' list

These are stored per user wokstation in the users registry.  There is no UI to modify or delete them once create.


The registry key is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 109\CustomColors\ColorPicker




It apears there are 3 dfferent types of values...

  • Colornn = color where nn is the series they were created in starting with the nmber "00" (ex. "Color00")
  • Stringnn = name of the custom color where nn is the series they were created and corresponds with the same series number of the Colornn value (ex. "String00")
  • Number = number of custom colors in the list

To remove a custom color, delete the corresponding Colornn and Stringnn values and change the Number values data to match the number of custom colors left.


To rename a custom color, just change te corresponding Stringnn values data to the name you want.


I haven't tested this much other than to know this is where the data is kept and modifying such as I described does remove/change them.  Not sure if their could be any issues if they aren't renumbered to be sequential.

Ken Grundey
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Re: Edit 'User Color' list

That was really useful, much thanks!


I knew that the info was really stored in the computer, but I had no idea of the registry stuff. Nice to know it.


I feel that this color palette should have a little manager to add/remove/edit colors, since is quite useful when drawing first general design sketches. I don't wanna have a bunch of linestyles for that, moreover when the same color is applied "on the run" over different widths and line types.


Again, thanks for the info.

Re: Edit 'User Color' list

A really good question is:  What happens to those lines that had a custom color assigned when a different user opens the file???

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10