Edit who is R1?

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I have a draft file that I need to edit who is defined as R1 (The first inserted model)


Right now one of my sheet metal parts is R1, not the assembly file.

How can I edit what the draft file thinks is file R1?


If you are wondering what this R1 reference is, look at the annotation definitions.


From help:

Index Reference  - String is %{<value>|(R1)}, where R1, R2, R3, etc., refers to the sequence of files inserted into the drawing and listed in Parts.


Re-creating the draft is not an option, or put another way, about 3 days of work. not practical to re-do the draft just to edit R1.


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replace "R1" by "R2"


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In my specific case, I found R13 is my assembly. I was able to work around the issue by editing the 10 places I have annotation R1 w/ R13.


But this is a work around for a single file. I will have to assume there is no way to edit what the draft file thinks is the insertion order.

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there are other methods You can use instead for Achieving Your goals.


Instead of using the linking numbrr (R1 to R13) You can take the name method.

SE shows You all linked files and You choose which one You would like.




regards Wolfgang 

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My file get constantly copied and re-named and re-sized. As a result, the specific file name is a bad method. This is why I'm looking for a way to edit what the files think is R1.