Editing Synchronous Sheet Metal material thickness

This is just something I wanted to share because I thought it was interesting.

A user wanted to increase the gage of an existing Synchronous Sheet Metal part but it failed.

By applying a smaller value I was able to observe how the model was adapting to a change in thickness.

Because the inner faces were moving it was causing the corners to collide.


The solution turned out to be easy. Constrain the inner faces with Rigid face relationship.
Now the part grows outward away from those faces when you apply the new material gage.



Re: Editing Synchronous Sheet Metal material thickness

Jason that looks more like a work around than a solution. I would expect sync sheet metal to be able to make a thickness change without those type of issues happening.

Re: Editing Synchronous Sheet Metal material thickness

Glad to have some feedback on this Ryan.

I think the expectation from the user was the same.

Hard to know sometimes if it's working as designed or if it's something that should be reported to GTAC.

Any one else have an opinion?


Re: Editing Synchronous Sheet Metal material thickness

My .02: Use mostly ordered for sheet metal.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Editing Synchronous Sheet Metal material thickness

I have all my sheet metal files set up ordered to allow two things to change without any issues. The overall size of the design, and the thickness. It takes some doing, but it the best solution I have found and requires 100% ordered modeling.


To make things work that way, I use assembly planes to drive the model. In that way, I know when I move a plane, everything is driven from it. I use includes from the assembly planes to the part sketches. Then drive the flat size from the included lines. The other trick that makes this work is includes from other pieces of sheet metal so that when they change thickness, the bends of other pieces move locations. That allows the thickness to change and automatically update the other parts bends.


I have considered going Sync sheet metal, but there are a few tools missing to make that happen.