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Editing a gear after Engineering Reference




I need to modify the gears that the Engineering Reference tool builds.  After they are created, I don't seem to be able to make changes.  I think this is basic but can't find any guidance?


Re: Editing a gear after Engineering Reference

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Gears Phenom

I do not have EngRef installed at the moment but IIRC you can NOT edit the wizard inputs after creation.


You would simply need to re-run the wizard and re-produce the desired results. 


EDIT: I do HAve Eng REf and my recollection was/is correct.  you can not edit the wizard inputs..  note that you have a gear profile and pattern...  but those are about worthless for another mesh set up...


FWIW:  I seldom model 3D Gears.  I model simplified at Pitch diameter and thickness than simply callout on drawing with standards or ref a purchased stock item #.



Edit2:   Silly "ASSuME"tion form me that you were making a gear.  reckon it could be any of the wizard options. 



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Re: Editing a gear after Engineering Reference


Thanks for the feedback.  I am not sophisticated enough to build my own gear profile.


I think the problem relates to the gear tool's output being ordered.  When I tried to switch it to synchronous, I got slightly better results.


I tried copying the part file containing the gear into another part and the result seemed much better.