Edititing quantities in BOMs

I am evaluating Solid Edge as a possible alternative to Inventor and I am trying to find out whether it is possible to in SE to  do a similar edit of the BOM in an assembly that we do in Inventor.

Basically we are working on huge projects and one method we use to keep the part count down is to minimise the number of fasteners in an assembly. So an essembly might need 16 fastener sets (bolt, washers and nut) but the model would only contain 1 in a useful location for the assembly drawing.

To ensure that the parts list on the assembly drawing is correct, we edit the BOM in the assembly to show the correct number of bolts.

Can this be done in Solid Edge? Please don't suggest putting all the bolts in - our top level assemblies are already in the order of 100000+ parts and adding all the fasteners would increase this enormously.

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Re: Edititing quantities in BOMs

Yes, this can be accomplished by using "occurrence quantity overrides".


Please see the following Solid Edge documentation:



Re: Edititing quantities in BOMs

Thanks for that, just what we have been failing to find!


One further query with this, how does it affect Teamcenter?

We are currently using Inventor into Teamcenter so fudged quantities aren't seen by TC, only the actual ones, sothe extra parts are put into the TC BOM structure using a blocker.

Does SE work the same way?

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Re: Edititing quantities in BOMs

Yes, it is possible to synchronize quantity overrides between Solid Edge and Teamcenter

VS2015, SE ST10