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Electrode Design License


Hi, my copy of Solid Edge opens, but as soon as I try to create or open anything, it says "You do not have a valid Electrode Design license," and subsequently closes. I've uninstalled and re-installed everything at least twice, but nothing seems to work. Repairing all of the parts also had no noticeable effects. Where do I find or download the electrode design license?


Re: Electrode Design License

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Solution Partner Phenom
I don't know if the downloadable student edition allows you to install Electrode Design or not, but it seems that you have the Electrode Design application installed.
As the student license only gives you access to the basic CAD functionality, it is normal that this error appears (as long as Electrode Design is installed).
Go to your Control Panel and uninstall "Solid Edge Electrode Design".

Re: Electrode Design License

I uninstalled Electrode Design, and it no longer pops up, but now whenever I click on anything it simply closes on its own without the pop-up. I have already uninstalled it and re-installed it several times, but the problem still persists. All I have downloaded is Solid Edge ST5. Is there something I am missing?