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Element could not be deleted



So my st9 is telling me i cant delete some elements. I literally can't delete them so i can't go back in my part so i feel like i lost everything i did. Any solution?

By the way, its not only the element shown in the image. I have tried deleting many extrusions and sweeps and same mesage pops ups. In some protusions, i delete them but insted it just deletes the rounded corners and as i try to delete them again the mesage pops up.


Any help is welcome.


Betreff: Element could not be deleted

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Eloi-Marimon 



so this again is one of those "Sync" specific issues.


You will make it easier for You or for YOur better understanding, if You do not see a feature in the pathfinder as a feature of the model tree.

A sync feature only is a set of faces, which might be created at the same time using one special modelling "feature" (e.g. protrusion, sweep, etc.)


And deleting a "Face" rather than a feature will result in an attempt to trim the neighbour faces back for recreating a former situation or better to say a closed sitaution of the body.


Deleting such faces like selected in Your image (cylinders, rounds, etc.) often can not be trimmed back without leaving an open body what per definition is not allowed.


So in the back select set You will be able to delete the cylinder first, but not the front plane.

If deleting will not work, just fill out the area, or cut away what is not wanted.

Sync will offer You an easy and fast way to strech it afterwards.


Try to ground this in Your mind will help You for better understanding the "secrets" of Sync, which finally will not longer be secrets but really strong functions.




Betreff: Element could not be deleted


I don't think I understood 100% the "sync" explanation but thanks for such a wide and good explanation. The group of faces is easier to understand and i didn't know that an open empty body is not allowed although i don't see why.


With these couple things i selected all the features (All the faces of a body i guess) and then i was allowed to delete that part.


Thank you very much.


Betreff: Element could not be deleted

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

@Eloi-Marimon In Synchronous, you don't have features for Extrudes and such.  What you see in the Pathfinder tree are "Face Sets" which consisted of all the faces created when a particular command was used to create the specified geometry.  The Synchronous "engine's" number one job is to insure any edit results in a water tight volume to keep the model "solid".  If, when deleting faces, the resulting faces left cannot be "healed" to result in a water tight volume (solid), then it will not allow the delete to happen.  This is why you are having issues deleting specific selected faces.

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