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I decided to model an extruded elipse in SE ST7 using sync tech how am I able to edit the size of this once its created?


eg model is created using Elipse in sketch to dimensions 10mm wide x 7mm high. I now want to edit this to 12mm wide x 9mm high.  There is nothing available to change these dimensions? What am I missing? Thanks G


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You are not missung anything.... I believe there is no way to edit a Elipse once it's been extruded. The problem I suspect is that an Elipse is not made up of true Arcs that could be edited.


The best approach is to delete the solid and then "Restore" the sketch, make your changes and then extrude it again.

Re: A Customer’s Perspective on Solid Edge SP


The simple rule is to use Ordered for curves.  You can do the sketch in either sync or ordered but the feature shoud be created in ordered so that it is fully editable.

Success in Sync if often about knowing when to use full sync/hybrid/ordered.  


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Thank you for the replys -


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