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I am embedding a parts list in an excel spreadsheet into a draft document.  I use insert object Worksheet to do this.  I input my data, and then close.  If I resize one of the columns after inserting the object, one of the columns drops off the right side.  I cannot expand the view window to get it back.  If I grab a corner, it resiszes the spreadsheet on the page.  Is there a way of fixing this, without selecting all cells and cutting and pasting it into a new object?  This has been an ongoing source of frustration.


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When you edit the spreadsheet, do you have Excel maximized to the screen?


I have found weird workarounds to properly size an Excel list in the draft if Excel is not maximized.  By adjusting the size of the Excel application window and/or the workbook window (within the Excel application window), I can sometimes get the proper display in Solid Edge after exiting Excel.


But frankly, with the latest Table tools in Solid Edge, is there any reason to keep using Excel?

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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I use excel to generate a graph for a Post Weld Heat Treat drawing, there are a bunch of formulas that follow a few inputs. The tables provided by SE are like tables in word, text boxes.

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I have to agree.  The tables, while vastly improved, are crude representations of true spreadsheet functionality.  They are a major PITA to manipulate and change the font sizes or column widths, or use them for other than the most basic of functions.  I would much prefer that they fix this bug with OLE Excel objects.  This bug has been around for many years, and I see that they still haven't squashed it.

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Try this: (it works for me)

While editing the embedded spreadsheet grab a corner and expand the window to reveal the expanded column. You must be in edit mode.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

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Did ST8 add the ability to place a variable into a single cell of a table? (not by row or column)

If yes, what kind of tables?

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No, I hear that ST9 will be able to do so.