Enclosure command

I assume the intent of this command is for packaging as well as material size required if it's a machined part, question is why is the feature itself default to a solid body instead of a construction body?  I have to "toggle to construction" to hide the enclusure feature in an assembly or on a print.  If I leave it as a solid body and hide it, I assumed when back in assembly I could toggle the "last saved" in the show/hide command but it doesn't work.   anyone else use the command?


I'm using ST9


Re: Enclosure command

My understanding is that the Enclosure Command is an alternate way to create simplifications.  This sort of automates the process of picking the external faces. I do beleive that it is intended to be a solid body as this simplification is what should be shown at the next higher reference.


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Re: Enclosure command

Hmmm, Well maybe I'm not using it for it's intended purpose then... Seems ideal for creating a packaging size or material size.