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Enlarge in horizontal dimension only

A very new CAD user and definitely like Free2D. I'm drawing up some simple shapes which will then need to be "stretched". Imagine a rectulangar piece with a number of equal "sine wave" type curves, joined by tangent lines, along the top edge. The piece has squared sides and base. Like a ruler with wavy lines on one long edge.

I need to be able to STRETCH it to a number of different lengths - in the horizontal dimension only, retaining the existing vertical dimension. The piece will retain the same number of curves; the lengths of arcs and the tangent lines will of course increase. So it will be a much longer ruler, with longer curves along one edge.

Have tried the Stretch tool in Mirror - of course only lengthens the part crossed by the fence. Have tried the Scale tool, but that's two dimensions.

Any hints?

Re: Enlarge in horizontal dimension only

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
First I assume you have Maintain Relationships enabled. Correct?
Do you have tangent relationships between the lines and arcs?
Do you have equal relationshps between the arcs to maintain equality?
Do you have a radial dimension on one of the arcs to specify the size of all the arcs?
Do you have a dimension that specifies the overall length.
If you have it all set up properly, all you have to do is to change the length of the one dimension that specifies the overall length.

Keep in mind that this is an associative system, it is not AutoCAD.

Can you send the file you are working with.
I'll take a look.

Rick B.