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Enterprise License Solution?


We are using the Solid edge 2D for our legacy files. Right now, each individual has to register to obtain a license file for each machine. This is not a good solution to have each user do this and at different times as their license expires.

Premium Solution - put a license file on a shared drive and have the software point to it.

Good solution - I download a license file and put the file on the local user machine. But using a single license file.

I am open to suggestions.

We use NX/Teamcenter for our Primary CAD system.

Please Help!


Re: Enterprise License Solution?

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Siemens Phenom
Each user does NOT have to register for the software and download.
Simply register one time for either a new version of the software or the license update.
A new version is an installation executable. The license update is a ZIP file.
In either case you only need to download the file one time. Save the file locally.
Then it can be transfered to as many machines as needed.

Rick B.