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Error 4161f785

When opening Draft files created using SE 14, 16 or 18, it displays a message "Error 4161f785 - error reading file" but the file opens properly - can edit and save too.

Has anybody seen this previously ? what is the meaning.

Also there is no link to send it to GTAC like with other crash logs or reports.



I am getting this error in Solid Edge ST6 with a demo license - so not aware if any service pack is installed or not.


Re: Error 4161f785

Hi Tushar,


What kind of license did you use in SE14....? I've already seen this message when somebody was using "illegal" license.



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Error 4161f785

Thanks Imi,

That could be a possibility though the origin of the files are not known.

I received them from a customer back in 2005 for testing some macros when I worked for Siemens as an A.E. In that case I should have got the error at that time itself.


I updated the 10 year old macro recently and was trying to test on the same old files from a CD backup using ST6. For a moment I thought it was some data corruption when reading-writing from the CD. The files open fine though.