Error message edit "table curve"

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I am in the situation of edit the feature "table curve" on the PC of a customer, when I try to set the new parameters, Solid Edge shows me an error message: "Microsoft Excel is not loaded. The points given for the curve can not be modified".


I'm woriking on a Solid Edge ST1, and Excel 2013 is regularly installed (on the pc run Windows 10).

Seems to be strange but it is(the customer tell me that has always worked).


Someone has a tip on the error message???




Betreff: Error message edit "table curve"

Hi @MaRaNtZ



is this correct:  ST1 (one) on Win10?


This in conjunction with Office 2013 seems to be a very strange configuration, and installin ST1 on Win10 itself is a famous performance


Betreff: Error message edit "table curve"

Hi Wolfgang,


Yes a very strange configuration, but this is(see the SESysinfo attached).

From what they told me Windows 10 is an upgrade of windows 7 previously installed.