I design the cryogenic pressure vertical vessel. After all calculations I wanted to use Solid to help me with static and thermal analyses, but because of error (image) it is impossible.

I think it is fault of walls thickness, because when I changed object to full, error disappeared.

Do you have any ideas, what shoud I do?


Betreff: Error

Hi @MaiC



due to the language version You use it is hard to understand what is going on.


But as far as I can remember, there was an option within the simualtion dialog to turn off and ignor the errors.

Maybe it has to do with mesh quality or so.


Give it a try




Betreff: Error

@hawcad Thank you for answer.

Right. Info in white space: "Solution is failed and a NX Nastran found critical errors.

Check data NX Nastran to get more informations about the reason of this problem."


But there is a plenty of informations in this data (file in attachment) It is my first time in FEM.

I didn't find an option about ignoring errors. Where it is, somewhere at the beginning of simulation (where you choose a type of analysis?


Like I wrote before, it has  to be something with this thickness.

Betreff: Error


I use a semi-ellipsoildal head (DIN28013) in my project. Now I see, that it can be main problem, because when I simulating hemispherical head, there is no errors.