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We are looking for a good way to include portions of an excel file into a draft. Can anyone explain or link me to an article for what's the difference between a normal copy/paste (select some cells & copy in excel - paste in Solid Edge) and the "Insert Object" command in the draft environnement?

It seems with just copy/past that the excel becomes a part of the draft and has no connection anymore with it's original excel file. If double clicking on the inserted excel, it's another kind of editing mode and it does not open the excel as it used to.


Where is the excel saved when just doing a copy/paste, or does it become a part of the draft?


Thx, Johan


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Hi Johan,


I frequently use Excel for BOMs in draft files.  When you want a link between Excel and Solid Edge, use the "paste special" command in Solid Edge and make sure the "paste link" option is selected.





Kyle Joiner

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Will you please show how to do this.
Sorry, I still couldn't understand this.

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Here is a video.  Looks like if you open the Excel file directly and edit, rather than opening it from within Solid Edge Draft you may need to open the Draft file, then Edit/Open the table in Excel and the changes will push into the Draft file from the Excel file.


(view in My Videos)

Brian Fritz
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Thank you so much Mr Fritz,

You really saved lotz of my time.


Thank you.

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This question wasn't answered here I don't think:


"Where is the excel saved when just doing a copy/paste, or does it become a part of the draft?"


If you paste it without using special and link or you insert object without linking then it becomes embedded in the draft but it still needs Excel installed to edit it. Same thing with Word documents, etc.


If you do link it then it's dependent on the external file.

Bruce Shand
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It worked for me.

First you must create the excel file and save it.(without saving it will
not work).

Then follow the steps given in video.

Dft and xls are two separate files.

If you change the location of excel or move the dxf file to different
location, you must also update the links. Because the links will not auto
update itself.

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That is not true if you don't link it.

Bruce Shand
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I would like to ask you if it is possible to get TEXT from Excel to Parts List automatically.

With numbers everything working fine but I can not find out how to make it with text.

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You can do in draft only.