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Excel draft file display IR report

I submitted IR to GTAC, the issue of Excel files not displaying correctly after being opened in Excel, then closed and not being redisplayed the same as when opened.


IR 7611595


I really need a resoulution to this issue from GTAC, any assistance in showing me consistent fix for this would be extremely appreciated.


Draft file  and models are in Zip file aliong with video showing problem.


Video shows excel file being opened from within a draft file (excel file NOT linked), then being closed (Excel window not visable in video, all I did was click on close in Excel). After closing, last line in Excel file is then not displayed in Draft file. This is not only file causing similar issues. I thought I had it narrowed down to the print settings in Excel, but this seems to not be the case.



At 0:17 in video, last line in excel file left column is 140082

at 0:21 in video I move to other monitor to close excel file.

at 0:24 in video closed excel file truncates last line in file, now last line left block is 140079

at 0:27 in video I attempt to resize excel window

at 0:41 in video I delete excel file

at 0:44 in video I reinsert excel file from hard drive

at 0:52 in video excel file reinserted displays as intended



The excel display text.txt file is copy of IR submitted info.


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Re: Excel draft file display IR report

I am running Excel 2007.


Working to get that updated now.



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‎01-15-2016 03:33 PM

Re: Excel draft file display IR report

I spoke with Rene at GTAC and he helped me with file display issue.


In Solid Edge options for Draft file in the General tab there is an option to "Double-Click to open embedded objects in native app (Excel, Word, etc.). I had this option checked. When I double click on excel file in draft it would open Full Excel. If I uncheck this option and double click on excel file in draft, it opens in a 'lite' version of excel. Then when I click in draft file, lite excel closes and excel file displays as expected.


Also, by right clicking in excel file in draft, I have option to Edit or Open excel file.



Re: Excel draft file display IR report

This is one of the reason I don't use excel for tables with SE. I hope it gets resolved.

Also getting them to update is not as easy as using annotation to display variables.