Excel link to table in Solid Edge draft

Is it possilbe to link a table in draft to an excel spread sheet so that when the table is updates in Solid Edge it automatically updates in Excel. I know I can copy paste, but it is not dynamic right now. If I update the table I have to update the Excel spread sheet with copy paste again.


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I have been able to maintain live connections from excel to SE variables. But not the other way around. Because of this, Excel tables are useless in SE.


Also in SE, there is no method of placing a vaiable into a table cell. (All of the built in tables have to have the same variables for every row or column)


The ONLY way I know of to make an updating table in SE from variables (or Excel indirectly) is to place variables into annotation. This big drawback is you have to use the old school of adding/removing spaces to get things to line up at all. Even then it's not right.


You hit the nail on the head. Huge shortcomming of SE.

Re: Excel link to table in Solid Edge draft


There is a possibility to do this, check attachment.

SE ST9 + TC 10.1.7

Re: Excel link to table in Solid Edge draft

In therory it is possible. In practice I was not ably to make it automatically update. But my last test of this was with ST7.

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In ST8 is working, in a past in our company we used this often and wos working too.

SE ST9 + TC 10.1.7

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The capacity I'm looking for is to display variables in a table cell by cell.


Since this is impossible using SE by it's self (For more than a 1 line table, and needing cell by cell inputs)

Note: The data must update within seconds of the source editing.----LIVE


Can I link variables to Excel (From both draft and model files), Then Display an excel table, while maintaining live updates?


The other capacity I would like, using Excel to control model files. I think that is stright forward other than I would like to build say 10 cells of excel into menue of SE. Then I can input design specs into each models menues.


So here is my most common case:

The model will have the following inputs:

X, Y, Z, and A B C. They represent the overall size and some specific deatils of the model.

These display inside SE and can be edited.


The draft would have the following outputs:

Bend tables that include back gage and stick out information.


In general. The time to set up does not matter. Being able to easily copy the entire design. Make alsternations, rename everytyhing then re-use quickly is the key.


I have about 50 frequently used designs I already work kinda like this, but it's a lot of manual steps to get there. The tables are the problem. Round trip quickly updating Excel would solve many problems. Expecially if I can move variables to excel, then display excel as a table in draft all w/ only a second to update.

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Yes, you can link SE variables to cells in Excel - search for "Link variable to Excel"


Yes, you can link the Excel file to the Solid Edge file so it is accessible from Solid Edge.

Create the spreadsheet in Excel then in SE use Manage > Binder to create the link. Once created you can then also edit the spreadsheet through the Binder (ie. the model), or externally in Excel.


Yes, you can place a view of the Excel file on your drawing.

There is a bug/conflict between windows and SE that does not allow enlarging the viewed area of the spreadsheet once it has been placed - so make sure you add text into a cell a few lines and columns larger than you are ver going to need. You can crop down without any problems (and out again to the original area).

You can then edit the spreadsheet from the draft and the model will change. The draft will then need updating.


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One link at a time between any two things you list will work in a live fasion.


However, when I dug into this the first time, I was NEVER able to take a PMI, give it a name, link that to a spreadsheet, then have that display in draft from the spreadsheet, and update in a consistant automatic way.


Once I was flowing to and from the spreadsheet, it would break down in one of varius ways. 


I have not tried this w/ ST9 yet. Most of my testing was on ST6 when I was establishing my ways of working.



Also worth note. I'm typically trying to display say 100 variables in draft, all in tables, that are the results of math between linked model variables and draft generated dimensions.


So Getting a link to work is one thing, getting 400 links to work live in a table is another.