Exporting to Excel and Re-importing Material Table in ST6 with MaterialEditor...


  Well, I wanted to edit easily our Material.mtl file with Excel,

so I exported the Material file to Excel, made the changes and now

I Re-imported the Material file back into Solid Edge with the same utility.

(I did not remove anything from the original file, I only made

corrected some values that were wrong in the cells.)


Before making any changes, the Material.mtl file was 384Kb, and after Re-importing it into Solid Edge, the file size came down to 297Kb!!!

I also lost all the Material that appeared in this file before making the changes (except for 1).


I know there was a Patch Issued for the French version of Solid Edge, but I thought

it was inappropriate to patch my already Custom Material.mtl file. (As stated in the readme file)


"This patch addresses an issue that is specific to the French version of Solid Edge ST6:
PR 1952312 - Localized Material Table is delivered in English"


  So is it wrong to use the MaterialEditor on a French Material.mtl file?

Or should there be a correction for making it easier to edit this file outside SE for the French Version of SE?

Is there another alternative to Edit this file easily without loosing anything?